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Health Hound Announces Free Weight Loss Offer After Reports Reveal the Obesity Vaccination is on the Horizon
After a new study from the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology showed that a obesity vaccination is on the horizon, Henry the Health Hound announced a new free weight loss newsletter offer that will help interested individuals get expert insight on different weight loss solutions. While many see promise in the new vaccination, others are skeptical about its ability to work, which is why healthhound.org has launched their new effort. The company hopes that by providing those who are over weight and believe that the obesity vaccination could work for them, with healthy and safe weight loss solutions, they can get the help they need until they determine the validity of this vaccination.
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The company announced the new free informational newsletter offer aimed specifically at weight loss supplements that both work and are scam offers, after many struggling with their weight showed interest in a potential obesity vaccination. The promotion, which will provide subscribers with real, proven information on effective weight loss solutions, aims to help those who need to lose weight find ways to do so. The campaign hopes to help those who may be considering the vaccination see other ways of losing weight, and those who feel they really need the obesity vaccination to find ways to get healthier until the vaccination is released.
The much vaunted improvements to health do not appear to keep most people committed to exercising.Continue Reading On nytimes.com….

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